Aptoide Apk Download and Installation Instructions!!

Android is the most widely used operating system in smartphones all around the globe. Android is owned by Google, and therefore the Google apps are in built in android stock operating system, which means apps like play store, Gmail, Google maps are created with your Android OS, which cannot be removed or uninstalled unless you root your phone and remove it.

Therefore, the Google apps dominate other apps like every android user must have a Google account to sync their contacts, messages, and other settings, etc. So, most probably they will use Gmail for mailing service and play store as their app downloading service.

But there are alternatives for every Google app that come pre-installed in Android operating system. Even though millions of people use play store, not even million some apps have billions of installs in the play store, which means there about billions of Android phones functioning.

Download Aptoide App On Your Android

In this post, we will see about an app which is an alternative to playing store which is primarily used to download games, the name of the app is Aptoide. Aptoide is a fantastic app to download thousands of game through it. Aptoide is widely used by millions of people to download new and exciting games.

Uses and Features:

  • Aptoide is not available in the play store as it is one of the main competitors of play store, but don’t worry I will provide you with the direct link to download Aptoide in this post.
  • Aptoide has a gigantic database that it has every game in its directory with all versions and also lower versions for lower versions of Android.
  • Aptoide, the app itself is available for all version of android, and it is hugely compatible with almost all Android devices.
  • Aptoide is used by many custom ROM users and those who are unable to access Play store from their Android phone and not only games, Aptoide has all familiar and essential apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.
  • Aptoide has an excellent user interface and excellent grouping or categorizing of the apps provided by it. You will have the same play store user experience added with some benefits and also some missing features.

How to download and install Aptoide:

Make sure that you own an Android phone, and you have enabled the Unknown sources to function in your settings to install the app from external sources.

Grab Aptoide apk from here:

Now just install the app just like you install other apps. If you get a pop-up message like install Aptoide from unknown sources, this is not safe for your device, just click on install it, Aptoide is 100% safe!


Aptoide is one of the best alternatives to play store that many Android users use without even touching the so-called Google play store. You may get adware with the similar app of Aptoide, so just use the link provided in this post only, it is the official site of Aptoide. I hope you enjoyed this post and got a wonderful play store alternative. Also, you can check out some must to have aptoide apps.